2009-05-27 20:50:47 by Themojo

I've finnally finished my collab part, now i can start the ISF intro. ISF production starts tomorow!!! Stay tuned for more updates.


2009-05-26 16:10:48 by Themojo

Unforunately, i dont have enough viewers to have the voting system on ISF. However, The series will still go on. I will now control the winner of each match. So still look out for the intro coming soon!

Good news+bad news

2009-05-25 21:59:33 by Themojo

Once again, hey guys. I have some good news and some bad news. Lets get the bad news done first. Well, the life of a sausage flash is being post-poned. But the good news is the thing thats post poning it. Its gonna be a stick fight competition called ISF (international stick fights) what this is is a series with differant stick combatanants. Each couple of weeks there will be a match. The winner of the match will be whoever gets the most votes accumulated over the couple weeks before. I will go into detail in the first video which will be called th ISA intro which will show all the characters and tell you how to vote. If you;re interested, make sure you see it!


2009-05-25 12:25:06 by Themojo

Hey, i finished my normal guy flash and im in one colllab. PM me for collabs and if you wanna see normal clck on it on my profile page. My next planned flash is called life of a sausage.


2009-05-24 13:53:41 by Themojo

Hey guys! As you know, i havent been on newgrounds in a while. And i have alo promised you a new series called battle of destiny. Well im sorry but that just cant happen. But the good news is that i am making a new series! it's called normal guy. Rest assured i have became a lot better in flash than before. Also im looking forward to do a lot of collabs. So hit me up a PM about one and ill be sure to help!

battle of destiny

2009-01-06 19:44:03 by Themojo

Hey ppl just wated to share that i am coming out with a new series called battle of destiny. It uses may sprites and thats alll i can share

my movies

2009-01-01 15:22:03 by Themojo

Heyy ppls i now have one vid out called super smash sticks and im making a new series called halo dorks. right ow i am about to upload the second episode. make sure to vote high for it!!!